Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Ordinances No. 876 and 877

The Borough Council of the Borough of Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania will conduct a public hearing to receive questions and comments on proposed Ordinance No. 876 and proposed Ordinance No. 877 on March 12, 2024 at 6:45 p.m. at the Myerstown Community Center situate at 101 South Railroad Street, Myerstown, Myerstown Borough, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Proposed Ordinance 876 is a new Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance for Myerstown Borough, which would repeal and replace Myerstown Borough Ordinance 823, which adopted the Lebanon County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.  A summary of the Ordinance is as follows:

PART 1 – GENERAL PROVISIONS, including Title, Enactment, Contents, Purposes, Interpretation, Jurisdiction, and Waiver of Requirements provisions; PART 2 – DEFINITIONS, including Language Interpretations and Definition of Terms provisions; PART 3 – SUBMISSION AND REVIEW, including Applicability, Types of Plans, Sketch Plan Requirements, Sketch Plan Review Procedure, Preliminary Plan Requirements, Preliminary Plan Filing and Review Procedure, Final Plan Requirements, Final Plan Filing and Review Procedure, Recording the Final Plan, Minor Plan Filing Requirements and Review Procedure, Resubmission, Other Approvals, and Development Disclosure provisions; PART 4 – REQUIRED IMPROVEMENTS AND DESIGN STANDARDS, including Intent, General Standards, Blocks, Lot sizes and standards, Energy Conservation Standards, Topography, Grading, Sewage Disposal, Water Supply, Fire Hydrants, Streets, Sidewalk, Curb, Driveways and access drives, Parking and loading areas, Easements, Monuments, Utilities, Stormwater, Landscaping, screening, and buffering, Lighting, Park and open space provisions, Wetlands, and Notification to school district provisions; PART 5 – Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks, including Grant of power, Purpose, authority, and jurisdiction, Plan requirements and processing procedures, Design standards and other plan requirements, Solid waste disposal, Park and recreation facilities, Improvement and construction standard, Responsibilities of park management, and Manufactured/mobile home placement and removal provisions; PART 6 – Improvement Guarantees, including General Provisions, Financial Security, Installation of public improvements in conjunction with conditional final plan approval, Dedication of improvements, Maintenance guarantee, Inspection of improvement during construction, and As-built plan provisions; PART 7 – ADMINISTRATION, FEES AND PENALTIES, including Intent, Administration and Enforcement, Modifications, Appeals, Schedule of Fees, Violations and penalties, Amendments, Appeals, Interpretation, Severability, Conflicts, and Repealer provisions.

Proposed Ordinance 877 is a new Stormwater Management Ordinance for Myerstown Borough, which would repeal and replace Myerstown Borough Ordinance 867, which adopted the Lebanon County Storm Water Management Ordinance. A summary of the Ordinance is as follows:

Article I.  GENERAL PROVISIONS, including Short Title, Statement of Findings, Purpose, Statutory Authority, Applicability, Repealer, Severability, Compatibility with Other Requirements, Erroneous Permit, Waivers, and Municipal Liability provisions; Article II.  DEFINITIONS; Article III.  STORMWATER MANAGEMENT STANDARDS, including General Requirements, Exemptions, Volume Controls, Rate Controls, Riparian Buffers, Modified Requirements for Small Projects, Calculation Methodology, Stormwater Performance Standards, Stormwater Facility Design Requirements; Article IV.  STORMWATER MANAGEMENT SITE PLAN REQUIREMENTS, including Plan Requirements, Plan Submission, Plan Review, Modification of Plans, Resubmission of Disapproved SWM Site Plans, Authorization to Construct and Term of Validity, As-Built Plans, Completion Certificate and Final Inspection, Performance Guarantee; Article V.  OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, including Responsibilities of Developers and Landowners and Operation and Maintenance Agreements; Article VI.  FEES AND EXPENSES, including General provisions; Article VII.  PROHIBITIONS, including Prohibited Discharges and Connections, Roof Drains and Sump Pumps, and Alteration of SWM BMPs provisions; Article VIII.  ENFORCEMENT AND PENALTIES, including Right of Entry, Inspection, Enforcement, Suspension and Revocation, Penalties, and Appeals provisions; Article IX.  REFERENCES; Article X. EFFECTIVE DATE; and Appendices.

After receiving questions and comments, the Borough Council intends to vote on Ordinance 876 and Ordinance 877 following the conclusion of the public hearing during its regularly-scheduled public meeting on March 12, 2024.  Copies of the Ordinances may be reviewed at the Myerstown Community Center in the Borough of Myerstown situate at 101 S. Railroad Street, Myerstown, Pennsylvania on any Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Copies of the Ordinance may be purchased by paying the copying costs thereof.   The proposed Ordinance is also available below: 

Proposed Ordinance 876 - Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Proposed Ordinance 877 - Stormwater Management Ordinance