Myerstown Borough Council is composed of seven members:

Council Member   Office  Year Start   Term End   
Park W. Haverstick, II  President  2012 Jan. 2026
Bryan L. Rittle  Vice-President  2006 Jan. 2028
Ronald L. Ream    President Pro Tem  2017 Jan. 2026
Stacey A. Hackman   2020 Jan. 2024
Kathy E. Yang   2022 Jan. 2026
Samuel R. Moyer   2022 Jan. 2026
Mark C. Kirsch   2024 Jan. 2028

Council members are elected at-large to four-year terms.  The Pennsylvania Borough Code establishes a pattern of staggered elections so that roughly half the council is up for election every two years.  When a vacancy occurs on council, the office may appear on the ballot as a two-year short term to retain the original staggering of council members.

Borough council functions in two distinct ways. The first is as a legislative body like the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, enacting laws that set up and fund the borough government and regulate the activities of people living and businesses operating within the borough’s geographic boundaries.  The second is as a board of directors of a nonprofit corporation in which the council oversees the delivery of municipal services (other than the police department) on a day-to-day basis through the manager, secretary. or other public officials.  

By design, the council carries out its statutory responsibilities through a collaborative, deliberative process in which the majority rules and no one councilperson has any more authority than another.  The council is organized into committees for the purpose of studying legislative issues in detail and making recommendations to the entire council to take or not take formal action.  Myerstown Borough Council has four committees: Finance and Administration; Public Safety and Planning; Public Works and Utilities; and Parks & Recreation and Public Relations.  

The council conducts official business of the borough at its regular meetings held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Room at the Myerstown Community Center located at 101 S Railroad St in Myerstown, PA.  Council Committees meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month except November and December at 6:30 p.m. at the Myerstown Community Center.

In accordance with Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act (Open Meetings Law), Myerstown Borough Council ensures the right of the public to have notice of and the right to attend all its meetings at which Borough business is discussed or acted upon.  Residents and taxpayers of Myerstown Borough have the opportunity to comment on matters of concern, official action, or deliberation which are or may be before the Council.

To learn more about the office of Borough Council Member, check out the Borough Council Handbook, published by the Pennsylvania Governor's Center for Local Government Services.  You can download a copy by clicking the link below.


To learn more about elected office in Pennsylvania local governments, check out the document entitled Elective Office in Local Government, published by the Pennsylvania Governor's Center for Local Government Services.  You can download a copy by clicking the link below.