All citizens of Pennsylvania live within a municipal corporation (municipality), a school district, and a county.  They may also be served by one or more municipal authorities, or none at all.

Myerstown Borough is a municipality.  Municipalities (boroughs, cities, and townships) are responsible for public infrastructure, including roads and bridges, and sewer and water systems.  Municipalities also provide public safety services, and enforce state environmental protection regulations.  Municipalities may plan how the community wants to develop through a comprehensive plan, and enforce the plan through subdivision and land development and zoning ordinances.  Many municipalities improve the attractiveness of their community through property maintenance regulations and provide for the quality of life of their citizens through recreational, educational, and cultural activities.  You can learn more about Myerstown Borough's services by browsing this website.

School districts are responsible for educating our children.  All of Myerstown Borough lies within the Eastern Lebanon County (ELCO) School DistrictOther municipalities in the ELCO School District include Richland BoroughJackson TownshipHeidelberg Township, and Millcreek Township.

Counties have several responsibilities, including overseeing elections, social services, the court system, prisons, and property assessment, to name a few.  The county also coordinates emergency management, including 911 center operation, and plans for land use, solid waste disposal, and stormwater.  Some counties own bridges or roads, and many operate parks.  Myerstown Borough is located in Lebanon County.

Location of Myerstown in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Muncipal Authorities are independent local governments created by one or more municipalities, counties, or school districts to borrow funds and acquire, construct, and operate expensive public facilities, such as school buildings, sewage treatment plants, and industrial development projects.  An authority board is made up of members appointed by the local governments that created it.  Myerstown Borough chartered the Myerstown Water Authority in 1948.  The Authority supplies high quality water to residents in the Borough of Myerstown and Jackson Township.