Community Center Gymnasium

Apply for Gymnasium Rental
To apply for use of the Gymnasium, the following agreements and forms must be completed, signed/initialed, and returned to the Borough Office:

Annual Facility Use Agreement
Facility Use Rules and Regulations Form
Myerstown Borough Facilities Waiver Form

Fee for Gymnasium Use
Borough Council determines the fee for the use of the facilities based upon the extent of the use requested, the degree of staff maintenance required, and any other relevant factors.  Contact Borough Offices for more information.

Additional Requirements for Youth Organizations
In its efforts to provide safe and healthy recreation opportunities for its residents, the Borough of Myerstown is committed to requiring all organizations using its facilities to verify that they are compliant with applicable laws regarding criminal background checks and child abuse clearances.  Applicants must complete the following form:

Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearance Verification Form

Note: Ultimately, local youth groups and organizations are required to determine the applicability of, and comply with, all federal, state, local and municipal laws and ordinances, and administrative rules and regulations regarding background checks including, but not limited to, requirements regarding sex offender registry checks, criminal history records or reports, fingerprinting, certifications, or other requirements associated with volunteers, coaches, participants, and/or employees.  The Borough strongly recommendeds that local leagues consult with legal counsel in their own jurisdictions to determine the applicability, if any, of state and local requirements to their programs regarding background checks.  Additional information can be found at