Facilities Rental


Baseball and Softball Fields

The Borough owns three ball fields that are available for rental.
Field Rental: $250 per day
Civic organizations: No cost (per Borough Council approval)
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Community Center Classrooms - Monthly Rental

Former classrooms on the top floor of the community center are available for rent "as is" by local small businesses looking for under-market-rate rents to help start their business.
1 month: $350
More than 1 month: Contact Manager
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Community Center Gymnasium

The community center gymnasium is on the lower level of the Myerstown Community Center.
Up to 4 hrs: $75 per use
Over 4 hrs: $125 per use
Civic Organization Rate: $25 per use (as approved by Council)
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Community Center Meeting Room

A meeting room is available for rental in the community center.
Up to 4 hours: $100 per use
Over 4 hours: $200 per use
Civic Organization: $25 (per Borough Council approval)
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Community Pool - After-Hours Facility Rental

The entire facility may be rented after-hours from 7-10pm.
Under 100 people: $450
101-249 people: $550
250+ people: $650
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Community Pool - Pavilion Rental

To reserve exclusive access to the pavilion in the pool grounds during normal hours, a rental fee of $375 is charged for three hours. The rental fee includes up to a maximum of 30 guests.
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Recreation Area Pavilions

The Recreation Area has three pavilions that can be rented for exclusive use. 
Upper Pavilion: $30 per use
Lower Pavilion East: $50 per use
Lower Pavilion West: $50 per use (+$25 for electric with $10 deposit)
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