Trash and Recycling

Property owners and tenants are responsible for solid waste management in Myerstown Borough.  The Borough does not provide waste collection or recycling collection services. 

The following rules apply for solid waste management in Myerstown Borough:

Garbage and Refuse Storage
  • All garbage must be drained of any food and/or liquid and placed in water-tight plastic bags, and inside refuse containers.
  • Items that cannot be bagged shall be baled, tied, or sacked in compact bundles under 3 feet in length.
Refuse containers. 
  • Containers must be kept in good condition and as sanitary as possible.
  • Containers must be rust-resistant, water-tight, vermin proof, and fly tight.
  • Containers must have a water-tight cover, and have handles on the side.
  • One- or Two-Family Dwellings: Containers must be between 10 and 32 gallons, and provided by the owner, tenant, or occupant of the premises.
  • Three- or more Family Dwellings: Containers must be provided by the owner. 
  • Refuse collectors must replace the lid on containers after each collection.
  • No person shall throw or deposit any garbage or refuse in any stream or any body of water or wetlands.
  • No person shall place any garbage or refuse in any street, alley, or other public place, or upon any private property within the Borough limits unless in a refuse container.
  • Unauthorized accumulation of refuse on any premises is prohibited. 
  • Firewood may be stored and kept on the premises but it shall be cut and stored in a manner that does not cause a nuisance or create a harborage for rodents.

Collection Practices
Place of Collection.
  • Refuse containers shall be placed at ground level on the property.
  • Containers shall not be placed within the right-of-way of a street or alley.
  • Containers shall be easily accessible from the side of the street or alley from which collection is made.
  • Exception: If an agreement exists with the collector to collect from another suitable place (i.e. basement or porch)
Frequency of Collection.
  • Refuse shall be collected at least once weekly.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and other such businesses shall be collected at least twice a week. 
Refuse Collectors
Licensing.  Only collectors who are authorized by the County of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, shall collect any garbage, municipal waste or refuse within the Borough of Myerstown.  All collectors shall comply with all regulations and requirements as established by the County of Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Vehicles.  All vehicles used for the collection of garbage and refuse shall have enclosed compactor-type bodies.

Place and Method of Disposal.   
All garbage or refuse collected within the Borough of Myerstown must be taken to an approved place of disposal.
In 2003, the Borough established a program for the mandatory separation of recyclables from municipal waste by residential dwellings, and commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments.  Recyclable materials must be collected by a licensed refuse collector.  

Borough residents who need recycling containers can stop by the Borough office, complete a form and pickup a recycling container at no charge. 

Important! When you move to another residence, please leave the recycling container as it is registered to the property address.

Residents of Myerstown Borough must contract recycling services through his/her licensed refuse hauler. 

Other Resources

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority
The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA) oversees waste management for Lebanon County.  They are responsible for licensing waste and recyclable haulers in Lebanon County.  They also have other services for Lebanon County residents like a Battery Recycling Program.
City of Lebanon Recycling Center
The City of Lebanon Recycling Center accepts household recyclable items and is open to all Lebanon County residents, including Myerstown Borough residents.

Contact the Borough Office at 717-866-5038 with any questions.