The Borough Budget
The Borough Budget is a crucial document that is developed and approved every year to ensure efficient and reliable operations within our town.   It plays a vital role in allocating funds to different departments, approving expenses, and communicating priorities to residents, business owners, and stakeholders.  Without a budget, business cannot effectively transpire in the Borough.

The budget includess a forecast of how much revenue the Borough anticipates it will collect and how many expenses it plans on incurring based on an analysis of trends.  Each  year the Borough Manager presents a proposed budget to Council for the upcoming fiscal year.  This proposed budget is deliberated upon and edited over the course of several meetings until Council reaches consensus.  The proposed budget is then formally approved in December.

Legal Requirements
Every borough in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must adhere to state laws when creating and approving the annual budget.  This includes the following:

  • The fiscal year of the Borough coincides with the calendar year, beginning January 1 and ending December 31. 
  • The proposed budget is prepared at least 30 days prior to its adoption.
  • The proposed budget is advertised and made available for public inspection for a period of ten days.
  • The proposed budget is adopted no later than December 31st.
  • An ordinance or resolution setting tax rates is adopted after the budget is adopted.
Approved Budgets

The budget is not accounting of money.  The document that is an account or record of past transactions is called the Audited Financial Statement.  This document is completed annually and published each year in an Annual Financial Report.  The Borough's Annual Financial Reports can be found here.