Snow and Ice Removal

The owner, occupant or tenant of every property fronting upon or alongside any street must remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk within 24 hours after the same ceases. The cleared path on the sidewalks is required to be at least 30 inches wide.  No snow or ice shall be put upon Borough streets.

The Borough of Myerstown practices an intense snow plowing program. The program is designed to clear snow and ice from the streets to make them passable for vehicles, especially emergency vehicles.  Cleared snow is plowed as close as possible to the curb.  At times this inconveniences the property owner; however, it does provide the maximum opportunity for emergency vehicles (police, fire, and ambulance) to have clear passage on the streets. Due to the varying widths of the Borough’s streets, it may take several passes in each direction to do an adequate job. Please have patience with our Public Works Department during snow plowing conditions.


Snow Emergencies will be declared by the Mayor when needed.  The declaration will be placed on television and radio.  Residents shall remove their vehicles from the snow emergency routes or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. Discontinuance of the emergency will be announced on television and radio.

Snow Emergency Declarations are reported to the local media and can be found via the following media outlets: 

  • WGAL – 8 – Ticker across TV screen and website posting
  • WHTM – 27 – Ticker across TV screen and website posting
  • WLBR – Radio – during winter watch updates
  • WUFM – Radio – during winter watch updates
  • The Borough Website and Social Media Pages
If there are any questions about the Snow Emergency declaration, call the Borough Office at (717) 866-5038.

Most properties in the Borough have parking in the rear of the property; however, if additional parking is needed during the snow emergencies, the pool parking lot (located at South Railroad St., and Center Avenue) may be used. If you wish to park in a business, church, fire company or any other lot, you should ask for permission first. Vehicles parked in a private lot without permission may be towed and fined.


  • Parking Ticket ..... $50.00
  • Towing fee to Borough Lot ..... $75.00 (more if a rollback is used)
  • Vehicle storage fee ..... $25.00/day.

Remember, it is unlawful to operate a snowmobile, dirt bike or four-wheeler on any of the Borough streets.


The following are snow emergency routes:

Borough line to Borough line on:

Main Avenue
Railroad Street
and College Street
as well as
Cherry Street between
E Washington Ave and E Richland Ave

After a snow emergency is declared, it is prohibited to park a vehicle on these routes. Vehicles incapable of moving, parked or stalled will be towed at the owner’s expense, and a citation will be given. During a snowfall you can tune into the radio, TV, or their websites to see if a snow emergency has been declared.


The following is the general snow removal policy for the Borough, with suggestions for the residents to make the job more effective and efficient. This plan is general policy and each storm will dictate how it is implemented and what adjustments will be made. For winter storms the Borough is divided into sections with a vehicle assigned to each section. The first priority is to make the streets safe for the traveling public; priority of each vehicle is to open each street in its assigned section. At the start of the storm, all trucks are sent out to their assigned areas with the instructions to salt hills, intersections and curve areas first, then all other areas. Salt needs the movement of traffic to make it effective, so if it appears that your street has not yet been done, it may be that there has not yet been enough traffic on the street. For plowing, the drivers are instructed to make one pass in each direction on the street and they are to make one pass in and one pass out in the cul-de-sacs. Myerstown Borough has more than 10 miles of streets, 10 miles of alleys, and 2 cul-de-sacs to maintain. After each one is passable, we will start to the procedure of pushing back the snow to the curb and cleaning out the cul-de-sacs. This operation may not begin until the following day because the employees will be sent home to get some rest after the long grueling hours spent in the initial plowing effort. You can help by following the suggestions below.

Vehicle Parking: If at all possible, park off the street in your driveway, or to the rear of your property. In case of multiple vehicles, park as many in your driveway as possible because the more driveway surface that is protected, the less shoveling will have to be done. In cul-de-sacs, which are difficult enough to plow without vehicles parked in them, park all vehicles off the roadway. It doesn’t help at all to park at the end of the cul-de-sac along the curb or to double park vehicles in that area. Many cul-de-sacs have storm drains at the end of them and that is the area we try to plow the snow to.

Driveways: We always receive complaints about plowing driveways closed after a resident has spent hours shoveling it open. Three suggestions for shoveling driveways are:

  1. Wait until the plowing operations have ceased before shoveling your driveway.
  2. When shoveling open the mouth of your driveway, shovel six feet out into the roadway from the driveway and ten feet to either side. This allows the plow to unload any snow it is pushing before crossing in front of your driveway.
  3. When shoveling your driveway leave the last six feet unshoveled until the plowing operations have ceased. This will allow the snow being pushed to remain on the plow and not dumped into the freshly shoveled driveway. (See diagram below)

REMEMBER – Do not push snow out onto roads at anytime. The results of this activity will be a citation issued from the Myerstown Borough Police Department, as it is a violation of the Borough’s Ordinance.