Online Residential Rental License Application "Live"

The Myerstown Borough Council recently enacted an ordinance requiring all residential rental units in the Borough to be licensed and inspected in accordance with the requirements of this ordinance.

Beginning January 1, 2025, a Residential Rental License will be required to operate a residential rental unit in the Borough of Myerstown. 

To obtain a License, an online application form must be completed.  The online application form is available on the Borough’s website at the link below.  This application must be completed and submitted with all required fees before the deadline of January 1, 2025.  The application is open now and can be completed and submitted any time before the deadline.

To learn more about the requirements of the ordinance, visit the Borough’s website at the link below, where you can find a summary and the following documents:

  • Information Packet with FAQs
  • Copy of the Residential Rental Ordinance
  • Rental Unit Inspection Checklist