College Street (State Route 501) Speed Limit Change

Effective October 10, 2023, the speed limit on College Street (State Route 501) has been reduced from 35 MPH to 25 MPH between N Railroad Street (northernmost point of Borough) and Center Ave. 

At the request of Borough Council, PennDOT conducted engineering and traffic studies in accordance with 67 Pa. Code Section 212.108 (Speed Limits), the results of which indicated a change in the 35 MPH speed limit was justified.  PennDOT has now permitted this section of College Street (SR501) for 25 MPH.  PennDOT permitting is required for this speed limit because College Street (SR501) is a state-owned highway, not a borough-owned road.

Signs have been posted along this section of College Street (SR501) noting the new speed limit.