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Land Use - Zoning

Myerstown Borough Zoning Ordinance
Official Zoning Map

Zoning Ordinance

The zoning ordinance primarily regulates two things: a) the uses of land and buildings, and b) the densities of development.  Different types of land uses and different densities are allowed in various zoning districts.  The zoning ordinance also regulates the distance buildings can be placed from streets and lot lines, the heights and sizes of signs, and the amount of parking that must be provided by new development.  Learn more about Myerstown's Zoning Ordinance here.

Zoning Districts
The zoning map divides the borough into zoning districts.  In each district, different uses are allowed or prohibited.  The Districts can be viewed on the Borough's Zoning Map.

An existing legal use that would not be permitted to be newly established under current zoning regulations is known as a “nonconforming use.”  Generally, nonconforming uses can: a) be sold to a new operator, b) be expanded within certain limits, and c) be changed to a different nonconforming use, as long as the new use is not more intense than the old use.  However, if a use was not legal when it first started, it has no right to continue.

2017 Zoning Ordinance Rewrite
The 2012 Mini-Comprehensive Plan determined that the Borough's zoning ordinance and zoning map were outdated and incompatible with the borough's existing social and economic conditions.  The plan recommended rewriting the ordinance and map.  The project was completed in May of 2017 when Borough Council adopted the ordinance and map in accordance with the requirements and purposes of the MPC.  Learn more about the 2017 zoning ordinance rewrite here.