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Land Use - Planning

Municipal planning in Pennsylvania is enabled by a state statue called the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).  The four most prominent planning tools authorized by the MPC are listed below.  Municipalities are allowed by state law to pick and choose which of these tools they want to use, and free to decide not to use any of them.  Myerstown Borough uses all four tools.

Planning Commission - An appointed body that advises the elected governing body concerning physical development in the community.  Learn about the Myerstown Planning Commission here.
Comprehensive Plan 
- An official public document that serves as a policy guide to decision making about physical development in the community.  Learn about Myerstown's Comprehensive Plan here.

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)
 - An official ordinance that sets up procedures for controlling the dividing of parcels of land, and sets standards for creating adequate building sites.  Learn about Myerstown's SALDO here.

Zoning Ordinance
 - An official ordinance that controls the location of different land uses in a community.  Learn about Zoning Regulations in Myerstown here.