Services for a Fee

Marriage Ceremony      $75 

Fees for Use of Borough Employees
For requested work beyond the scope of normal duties.
Manager's Time - Special Work   $75 per hour
Administrative Research  $65 per hour 
Foreman  $65 per hour 
Laborer  $30 per hour 
Technical Service  $24 per hour 

Fees for Use of Borough Equipment
Large Dump Truck  $50 per hour
Small Dump Truck  $50 per hour
Small Dump Truck w/ plow  $60 per hour
Pick-up Truck  $48 per hour
Backhoe/Loader  $60 per hour
Auger  $45 per hour
Air Compressor  $40 per hour
Tractor or Riding Mower  $48 per hour
Post HoleDigger for Tractor   $40 per hour
Hand Mower  $25 per hour
Weed-Wacker $19 per hour
Chainsaw  $19 per hour
Crack-Sealing Machine  $95 per hour
Paint Machine  $25 per hour
Roller  $45 per hour
Vibrating Tamper  $27 per hour
Jumping Tamper  $34 per hour
Snow Blower with Tractor  $60 per hour
Snow Blower - Manual  $30 per hour
Generator $27 per hour
3" Pump $38 per hour
Saw - Cut-Off plus blades $27 per hour
Saw - Walk-behind (plus blades)    $47 per hour
Barricades $10 each per day
Salter and Truck with operator $150
Salt Actual cost + 10%
Core Drill (up to and including 6")    $300
Roadway Restoration and Inspection    $100 per opening + $100 per 100 feet length
Administrative Fee 10% of total cost

Right-to-Know Law Fee Structure
All municipalities in Pennsylvania must use the fee schedule promulgated by the PA Open Records Office
Record Type     Fee    
Black & White Copies    Up to $0.25 per copy 
Color Copies Up to $0.35 per copy 
Specialized Documents    Up to actual cost 
Records Delivered via email    No fee 
CD / DVD  Up to actual cost, not to exceed $3.00
Flash Drive Up to actual cost 
Fascimile Up to actual cost 
Other media Up to actual cost 
Redaction No fee 
Conversion to Paper Up to $0.25 per page 
Photographing a Record No additional fee 
Postage Up to actual cost of USPS first-class postage 
Certification Up to $5.00 per record