Info for Citizens

In Pennsylvania, everyone lives in a school district, a county, and a municipality. A citizen may be served by one or more municipal authorities or none at all.   If you live within the boundaries of Myerstown Borough, you are a citizen of the Borough, and live within the jurisdiction of the Eastern Lebanon County School District and the County of Lebanon.  You are also served by the Myerstown Water Authority.  Below is basic information for citizens of Myerstown Borough, with links to information to learn more.

Myerstown Borough
The Borough enacts regulations that can be found at the Myerstown Code of Ordinances.  The Borough provides the following services to its citizens.  Explore our website to learn more.
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Wastewater treatment and sanitary sewer construction and maintenance
  • Stormwater management and storm sewer construction and maintenance
  • Street lights
  • Property maintenance and code enforcement
  • Land use regulations
  • Parks and recreation
  • Yard waste collection
Lebanon County
Lebanon County enacts regulations that can be found at the Lebanon County Law Library.  The Coutny provides the following services to its citizens.  Visit the County website to learn more.
  • Property Assessment
  • Elections
  • County Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Human Services
  • Conservation District
Eastern Lebanon County (Elco) School District
The Elco school district provides education services to the children within the district.  Visit the Elco website to learn more.

Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit (IU13)
The Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit is a regional educational service agency that helps serve the educational needs of Lancaster and Lebanon County.   Visit the IU13's website to learn more.

Myerstown Water Authority
The Myerstown Water Authority provides safe drinking water to Myerstown properties.  Visit the authority's website to learn more.

Informational Resources
Citizen's Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government