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History of Myerstown Borough

November 9, 1909, a group of Myerstown Citizens held a meeting in the Keystone Fire Company Hall to form an organization to petition for a Borough Government.  Organization was effected by the election of Dr. A. E. Gobble as Chairman, George S. Bleistein as Secretary, and B. C. Lindenmuth as Treasurer.  It was decided that B. C. Lindenmuth take out the petition for signers and that the Committee then take the petition out in the order of their election.

The next meeting on January 18, 1910, it was decided to assess each member of the Committee $5.00 to help defray the present expenses of the cause.  All members at once paid their assessment as follows: 
  • H. G. Deitz
  • Dr. A. E. Gobble
  • J. H. Wilhelm 
  • James Kalbach
  • B. C. Lindenmuth
  • A. S. Greenwalt
  • Henry L. Corl
  • Joseph M. Painter
  • Cornelius Loose
  • George S. Bleistein
  • John A. Donges
Following this there are minutes of three meetings recorded until February 1, at which time Attorney Harry Honker presented his report of the decision of Judge Henry of Lebanon County Courts in granting the Borough application.  (The Committee paid Attorney Honker $500 for his services, each of whom paid an equal share.) 

The Borough was incorporated February 5, 1912 with a population of 2,335.  Attorney Honker advised the committee in regards to the officers to be elected as follows: 
  • Burgess for four year term
  • Seven Councilmen for four year terms
  • Tax Collector for four year term
  • Assessor for four year term
  • Three Auditors for four year terms
  • High Constable and a Constable
  • Judge of Elections and two Inspectors for two year terms
  • Five School Directors to be appointed by the Court
  • Council to organize by electing a Treasurer, Secretary, and Street Commissioner
Final meeting of the Committee was held April 1, 1912.  It was revealed by Attorney Honker that the appeal made by opposition group was denied by Superior Court.  At this meeting a committee consisting of Dr. Gobble, B. C. Lindenmuth, and J. H. Wilhelm was appointed to formulate a summary of minutes and proceedings of the committee for Borough Councils future reference.  These papers are preserved in the files of Myerstown Borough.

The First Myerstown Borough Council:
  • Henry L. Corl, President
  • Samuel P. Beekay
  • John A. Donges
  • Monroe C. Haak
  • James Kalbach
  • Joseph M. Painter
  • Isaac B. Haak
The First Officers of Myerstown Borough:
  • Edwin R. Noll, Secretary
  • Frank B. Uhrich, Treasurer
  • Harry A. Honker, Solicitor
  • Edward Spangler, High Commissioner
  • Alex Harnish, Constable
  • Warren G. Hain, High Constable
  • Abraham B. Landis, Tax Collector
First Burgess of Myerstown Borough:
  • Addison Bower
A draft plan of the Borough was adopted in 1913 which was revised in 1931.  In 1938 there was a storm sewer W.P.A. project.  In 1941 a civil defense council was established, and in 1948 a Police Pension Fund was established, also a water authority was created as well as a portion of Jackson Township annexed into the Borough.  A social security fund for Borough employees was established in 1952 and a Sewer authority created in 1963.  In 1964 an office of Borough Manager was established and Edward H. Treat was hired as Borough Manager.  In 1966 a Department of Borough Planning and a Borough Park and Recreation Board were established.