Biography of William L. Derr

(From the Dedication of the Myerstown Swimming Pool, Sponsored by the Myerstown Lions Club, Inc. - Saturday, May 25th, 1991.)
William L. Derr, better known to his many friends and acquaintances as Bill, was born March 2nd, 1905 to John and Ella Derr in the village of Cross Deys, Berks Couty, Pennsylvania.

He attended grade schools at Cross Keys, Schaeffers, West Myerstown, and Myerstown.  He graduated from Myerstown High School in 1922 where he participated in basketball.  He attended Albright College in 1922, then located in Myerstown, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1926.  Bill was a star player on the varsity basketball and football teams.  He furthered his education at Bucknell University during the summers of 1927 through 1929.

Bill began his long teaching and coaching career at Ephrata High School in 1926 through 1967, when he retired with 41 years in the teaching profession of Math and Algebra.  He coached Varsity basketball for sixteen years and football for eight years beginning in 1932.  The annals of history and the trophy case will provide anyone with proof of Bill being an outstanding coach.  He was also an active member and president of the Myerstown Board of Education and a member of the ELCO Board of Ed.

William Derr has always earned his own way in life.  During his high school days, he worked part time at Publix Shirt Company and while in college at stone quarries, Camp Greble, and Bethlehem Steel.  During his summer vacations, he worked at Beyler's Flowers, the Myerstown playground, and managed the Myerstonw swimming pool.  He also served as its treasurer from 1957 through 1989.

Also let the records show that Bill was never in a hurry to accomplish what he set out to do until he was sure of victory.  After courting a fair lass from myerstown William L. Derr and Miss Stella Geib became man and wife in 1939.

Lion Bill became a Monarch member of the Myerstown Lions Club in 1953 and has served with distinction in every office including the Presidency in 1963-64.  Lion Bill also served the community in many civic organizations through the years, including the Goodwill Fire Company, the Community Center Association, the Recreation Center, the Bi-centinnial committee in 1968, plus many charitable drives, etc.  Bill was also a very active member of the United Church of Christ, serving on numerous committees.

The list of accomplishments could go on and on.  His talents were many, which he put to good use, helping to make Myerstown, and Lebanon County a better place in which to live and play.

Lion William L. Derr was an avid athlete, sportsman and fan, knowledgeable in all facets of basketball, football, and baseball.  He had a great sense of "wit" which complimented his ability to communicate with the youth, his students, and his fellowman, in all walks of life. 

Lion Bill's service record was second to none and his compassion for his fellowman stands unmatched.  Everyone who knew William L. Derr will remember that "To have served is man's most nobel claim to honor", and for this reason we are honoring him thie Twenty-fifth day of May in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred Ninety-One.