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Myerstown Borough is located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  

Lebanon County Parcel Viewer
The Lebanon County Geographical Information Services (GIS) Department publishes the Lebanon County Parcel Viewer, which shows the approximate boundaries of taxable and non-taxable properties in the county.

The Parcel Viewer can be accessed at

Geographic information available with the Parcel Viewer includes property boundaries, municipal boundaries, waterways, and specific parcel information that includes owner information, acreage, and assessment information.

United States Census Bureau TIGERweb
Boundaries and other geographic information about the Borough can be viewed with TIGERweb, a web-based map viewer from the U.S. Census Bureau's Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing System (TIGER) database.

TIGERweb can be accessed at

Geographic information available with TIGERweb includes roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, census tracts, and more.

Lebanon County Floodplain Viewer
The Lebanon County Geographical Information Services (GIS) Department publishes the Lebanon County Floodplain Viewer, which utilizes FEMA's floodplain data to show where all floodplains and floodways are in Lebanon County.  The viewer also shows waterways and parcel boundaries.

The Floodplain Viewer can be accessed at