Myerstown-ELCO Rotary Completes Beautification Projects in Myerstown Borough


The Myerstown-ELCO Rotary Club recently completed a beautification project at the Isaac Meier Homestead in the Myerstown Recreation Area along Route 501.  The project included the installation of a raised shrubbery bed behind the Isaac Meier Homestead with period-era plants, shrubs, and flowers.  The landscaping project replaced two old and unattractive telephone poles which were being used as parking curbs to deter vehicular traffic from the Homestead.  The project was funded in-part by the Myerstown-ELCO Rotary Club and in-part by a Rotary District Grant.  


The project also included the installation of a new sign at the Recreation Area Fish Pond identifying the park and the decorative fountain that was installed by the Rotary Club in 2018. 


The Myerstown-ELCO Rotary Club is well known for their community service in Eastern Lebanon County.  Every year they organize a “Flags for Heroes” campaign benefiting the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors and local Fire and EMT Organization (  In addition, the organization has completed several beautification projects in Myerstown Borough, including an illuminated stone “Welcome to Myerstown” sign surrounded by flowers, and a decorative fountain in the Recreation Area Fish Pond.

“The Myerstown-ELCO Rotary Club is truly one of our community’s greatest assets,” said Myerstown Borough Manager, Michael McKenna.  “They are always working on projects that make Myerstown a more healthy, vibrant, and welcoming community.  The Borough is grateful  for their dedicated efforts!”