Public Hearing for Floodplain Ordinance Revisions on June 24, 2020

NOTICE is hereby given that the Borough Council of the Borough of Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania will hold a public hearing to receive questions and comments on Ordinance No. 853 at its meeting to be held on June 24, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. at the Myerstown Community Center situate at 101 South Railroad Street, Myerstown, Myerstown Borough, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Proposed Ordinance 853 amends Ordinance No. 841, the Borough of Myerstown Zoning Ordinance of 2017.  The Ordinance reflects recent regulations and requirements regarding construction within areas of the Borough which are subject to flooding per the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  The Ordinance amends Part 14 – Administration, Section 27-1403 – Permits and Certificates, Subsection 2. – Repairs and Maintenance, to require a permit for all development proposed within an Identified Floodplain Area. The Ordinance further amends the following provisions of Part 9 – Floodplain Regulations (Overlay District): Section 27-901 related to applicability of the Ordinance provisions and conflicts of Borough Ordinance provisions; Section 27-902 related to the Responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator; Section 27-903 related to Identification of Floodplain Areas and the Description of and Special Requirements within the Identified Floodplain Areas; Section 27-904 related to Floodplain Technical Provisions, including Elevation and Floodproofing Requirements for Residential and Non-Residential Structures, space below the lowest floor, and Accessory Structures; and Special Requirements for Recreational Vehicles; Section 27-906 related to Existing Structures in Identified Floodplain Areas; Section 27-907 related to Floodplain Variances; and Section 27-908 related to Floodplain Definitions.

After receiving questions and comments, the Borough Council intends to vote on Ordinance 853 following the conclusion of the public hearing during its regular public meeting on June 24, 2020.  Copies of the Ordinance may be reviewed at the following links:

Copies of the Ordinance may also be reviewed at the Myerstown Community Center in the Borough of Myerstown situate at 101 S. Railroad Street, Myerstown, Pennsylvania on any Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Copies of the Ordinances may be purchased by paying the copying costs thereof.