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Taxation & Finance

Tax Levy

School Taxes
The budget and tax rates for the Eastern Lebanon County School District are set by the independently elected School Board and not the Borough.  The Borough has no say in these issues.

County Taxes
The budget and tax rates for Lebanon County are set by the independently elected County Commissioners and not the Borough.  The Borough has no say in these issues.

Exempt Properties
Many types of properties in the Borough are exempt under State Law from paying real estate taxes.  These exempted properties include schools, colleges, churches, charities, and other government agencies.  While these property owners add to the vitality of our community, they do not necessarily contribute money to support government services.  However, some of these agencies make a voluntary contribution in support of the Borough's services regardless of their tax exempt status.  We encourage all tax exempt property owners to donate to Borough services every year.


In each County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a board is established to supervise, equalize, and revise assessments, and to hear appeals.  The board appoints assessors and other personnel to make assessments and value property for taxation purposes.

Assessors consider three assessment methods to arrive at the value of a property: cost, comparable sales, and income.  Land and improvements must be valued separately.  Once a property is valued, the county applies its predetermined ratio to the property value to calculate the assessment.  The predetermined ratio, which may be set up to 100 percent, is the ratio of assessed to actual market value set by the board of county commissioners.

All properties within the taxing district must be uniformly assessed at a similar ratio.  

The Tax Collector for the Borough of Myerstown is

Lebanon County Treasurer's Office
Room 103, Municipal Building
400 South 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042-6794
Telephone: (717) 228-4420
Fax Number: (717) 228-4462
Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Lebanon County Treasurer's Office collects Real Estate and Street Light taxes for the Borough.