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SALDO & Stormwater

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Ordinance
Subdivision and land development regulations set up procedures for controlling the dividing of parcels of land, and set standards for creating adequate building sites so that they are adequately served by permanent roads, a pure water supply, and a proper means of waste disposal.  

Myerstown Borough does NOT have its own subdivision and land development ordinance.  It is governed by Lebanon County's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

Stormwater Management Ordinance
Stormwater management regulations are put in place to provide procedures, performance standards, and design criteria for stormwater planning and management, to meet legal water quality requirements under state law and to manage accelerated runoff and erosion and sedimentations problems. 

Myerstown Borough does NOT have its own subdivision and land development ordinance.  It is governed by Lebanon County's Stormwater Management Ordinance.

Future Land Use and Development Plan
The 2012 Mini Comprehensive Plan included a Future Land Use and Development Plan whose purpose is to texturally and graphically serve as the supporting foundation for the borough’s future development and policy decisions as they relate to implementing the community vision, goals, and objectives.  The plan generally provides residents, business owners, developers, and officials with guidance and inspiration for implementing the desired vision, general and specific characteristics for areas within the borough.  

Character Areas
Character Area is defined as: “A geographic area which is unique and distinguishable from other areas in the region or locality due to its natural features, predominant land use, mix of land uses, economic relationships, and/or design characteristics of the built environment, and for which a common vision can be articulated regarding its preservation, growth, or change.”1

Myerstown Borough's Future Land Use and Development Plan identifies of specific character areas to help ensure that future development and policy decisions within the Borough are generally undertaken in a manner consistent and compatible with the existing conditions and the desired future vision, goals and objectives of the community.  Character areas go beyond the traditional general land use categories which predominately focus on "the what, the where, and the when” (the functions).  Character areas seek to build upon the traditional “functions” by including “the how” (form) and focusing more holistically on how form and function are integrated and dependent upon one another, as well as how the various man-made features and systems and the natural environment are interrelated. 

The Future Land Use and Development Plan plan identified eight (8) character areas for Myerstown Borough.  Each character area was given a brief description, a few representative images, and some general and/or specific predominate characteristics and considerations, further detailing the “essence” of the character area.  The character areas are listed below, with links to the respective sections of the plan that describe the areas, and a link to the map that show the boundaries of each area.2 
  1. Suburban Residential Area (SR) 
  2. Old Town Residential Area (OT)
  3. Traditional Mixed Neighborhood Area (TN)
  4. Downtown/Town Center Area (DT/TC)
  5. General Business Development Area (GB) 
  6. Industrial Development Area (ID)
  7. Community Resource/Campus Area (CR/C)
  8. Natural/Heritage Area (N/H)
Myerstown Borough Future Land Use and Development Plan MAP:
Myerstown Mini-Comprehensive Plan 2012_33-33

1  V. Gail Easley and Glenn Coyne (June 2005) Discovering and Planning Your Community Character, Appendix B, Jerry Weitz (August 2004) Character Area Typology and Implementation, pg 25.
2  It must be remembered many of these areas are generalized and conceptual in nature, and thus the boundaries of the various character area categories are not meant to be exact.