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Governing Documents

Legal Documents
U.S. Constitution, Federal Statutes, and U.S. Treaties
Article VI, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, also known as the "Supremacy Clause", states that the U. S. Constitution, Federal statues, and United States treaties are the "supreme law of the land".  Learn more about these documents here.

Pennsylvania Constitution, State Statutes, and State Regulations
Myerstown is a Borough in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Learn more about Pennsylvania's Constitution, State Statutes, and State Regulations here.

Pennsylvania Borough Code
The Pennsylvania Borough Code is the legal document by which boroughs are governed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Learn more about the Borough Code here.

Myerstown Borough Code of Ordinances
Myerstown is governed locally by the Myerstown Borough Code of Ordinances.  Learn more about the Code here.

Planning Documents
Comprehensive Plan
Physical planning by municipalities for the future development and redevelopment of their communities has long been accepted as an important function of local government.  Planning is a legal means of deciding how best to provide a proper arrangement of land uses, efficient circulation, desirable environmental features, and general amenities of community life.

In many communities throughout Pennsylvania, the vision for future growth and development is outlined in a Comprehensive Plan.  Comprehensive Plans are the backbone of any community planning effort.  They outline challenges facing the community, identify solutions, and provide guidance to appointed and elected officials on planning-related decisions. 

Myerstown Borough published a "Mini-Comprehensive Plan" in 2012, funded in-part by a grant from the Lebanon County Commissioners. 
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Planning Documents4 documents

  • Myerstown Borough Mini-Comprehensive Plan 2012
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    In 2009, the Borough created a steering committee to oversee the preparation of a Mini-Comprehensive plan to implement Myerstown's short-range and long-range community vision.  On August 27, 2012, the Planning Commission of the Borough of Myerstown reviewed the Mini-Comprehensive Plan at an advertised public meeting and recommended its approval to the Myerstown Borough Council. On December 11, 2012, Myerstown Borough Council resolved to adopt the Mini-Comprehensive Plan and the Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan (2007).  The 2012 Myerstown Mini-Comprehensive Plan set forth a renewed and coordinated community vision, related set of objectives, and most importantly, a set of action strategies and projects that support the borough's community planning and development revitalization efforts to continue enhancing the community.
  • Myerstown Borough Statement of Values Vision and Goals
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  • Myerstown Borough Story Identity
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  • Myerstown Borough Story Guide
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