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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an advisory committee that advises Borough Council concerning physical development in the community.  They provide policy advice on planning for land use regulations, such as zoning and subdivision controls.  They have immense potential influence on the protection, enhancement, and conversion of open spaces in a community.  Myerstown Borough has had a planning commission since 1966. 

The Myerstown Borough Planning Commission meets when subdivision and/or land development plans are submitted to the Borough for approval by Council.  They review the plans, and make a recommendation to Council whether or not to approve the plans.  If a meeting is necessary, the Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Room at the Myerstown Community Center. 

Governing Document
The Planning Commission is governed by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC)(Act of 1968, P.L.805, No.247), which was enacted in 1968 as enabling legislation to empower counties and municipalities, individually or jointly, to plan their development and to govern the same by zoning, subdivision and land development ordinances and additional tools.

In accordance with the MPC, Borough Council, as the governing body, has the power to create or abolish a planning commission, planning department, or both.  Myerstown Borough's planning commission was established by Ordinance 446 on October 11, 1966, two years before the Commonwealth's enactment of the MPC.  After the MPC passed and took effect on January 1, 1969, the Borough amended the ordinance to bring it into compliance with the MPC, clarifying that the planning commission shall perform all duties and exercise all powers confirred upon borough planning commissions by state law. 

In accordance with the MPC, the governing body may appoint between 3-9 residents to the planning commission, serving 4-year staggered terms.  Myerstown Borough Council appoints 5 members to its planning commission.  Members are required by the MPC to be residents of the borough.  Up to two members may be officers/employees of the borough.  Members of the MPC who are not officers/employees of the borough may receive compensation and expense reimbursement.  Currently, Myerstown Planning Commission members do not receive compensation.

Powers & Duties
Planning commissions are required by the MPC to keep records of its actions and make an annual report by March 1 of each year.  At the request of Borough Council, planning commissions are required to prepare and present a comprehensive plan.  At the request of Borough Council, planning comissions may do the following:

  • Prepare and present a zoning ordinance
  • Prepare, recommend, and administer a subdivision & land development ordinance and planned residential development regulations
  • Prepare and present a building code & housing code
  • Submit a recommended capital improvements program
  • Conduct other specified planning or related activities

To learn more about the role of Planning Commission board member, check out the publication The Planning Commission in Pennsylvania, published by the Pennsylvania Governor's Center for Local Government Services.  You can download a copy by clicking the link below.