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Zoning Ordinance

Myerstown Borough Zoning Ordinance
Official Zoning Map

Zoning Ordinance
The Borough of Myerstown Zoning Ordinance does the following:
  1. Divides Myerstown into zoning districts with varying regulations;
  2. Permits, prohibits, and regulates the uses of land, watercourses, and other bodies of water
  3. Permits, prohibits, and regulates the size, height, bulk, location, erection, construction, expansion, razing, removal, and use of structures;
  4. Permits, prohibits, and regulates the areas and dimensions of land and water to be occupied by uses and structures, as well as open areas to be left unoccupied;
  5. Establishes the maximum density and intensity of uses within zoning districts;
  6. Provides for the administration and enforcement of the zoning ordinance in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) as amended, including provisions for special exception uses and variances to be administered by a Zoning Hearing Board;
  7. Establishes provisions for the protection of certain natural features.
Zoning Ordinance Administration and Enforcement
The Borough's Zoning Ordinance is administered by the Borough's appointed Zoning Officer, Light-Heigel and Associates.  Zoning Permit Applications, along with a list of requirements, can be obtained at the link below or at the Borough Office at 101 South Railroad Street.  All applications must be fully completed and submitted, with payment, to the Borough Office.

Zoning Permit Application

2017 Zoning Ordinance Rewrite
The 2012 Mini-Comprehensive Plan determined that the Borough's zoning ordinance was outdated and incompatible with the borough's existing social and economic conditions, and recommended a complete rewrite.  In 2016 the Borough hired the Urban Research and Development Corporation to rewrite the zoning ordinance and redraw the zoning map.  Learn more about the 2017 zoning ordinance rewrite here.