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LEED-Certified Building

LEED-Certified Building Incentive
New buildings that are LEED-certified or meet a higher standard under the latest published standards may exceed the zoning district's maximum building coverage and/or the maximum impervious coverage by 10 percent for the lot.  This incentive may not be added on top of the other building and impervious incentives in this Section. 

The applicant is required to have a LEED-certified professional provide a statement in writing to the Borough at each of the following times: 
 a) the land development application
 b) at the time of the building permit application, and 
 c) at a point half-way through construction. 
Such statement shall provide a professional opinion that the project will be able to meet the LEED Certification, and specifying the point system that will be used.

If a building fails to meet the requirements for LEED Certification after occupancy, the Zoning Officer shall have the authority to require that the current building owner make sufficient changes to the building and submittals to obtain the intended certification.