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Development Incentives

Myerstown Borough offers certain real estate development incentives to promote economic growth and environmentally friendly development.  The following incentives are available in the borough:

Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA) 
IF:  A commercial property in the borough is improved with a project that increases its taxable assessed value,
THEN:  Increases in real estate taxes levied by the borough and the ELCO school district will not be immediately assessed, but "phased in" over 7 years.
Learn More about the LERTA Incentive

Green Roof Incentive
IF:  A building or parking structure includes an approved "green roof,"
THEN:  the area covered by the "green roof" may exceed the maximum allowed building coverage for the lot by 20%. 
Learn more about the Green Roof Incentive

Pervious Pavement Incentive
IF:  Borough-approved pervious pavement is used for the parking lot,
THEN:  The maximum impervious coverage of a lot or a tract may be increased by up to 10% percent for the lot area.
Learn more about the Pervious Pavement Incentive

LEED-Certified Building Incentive
IF:  A new building is LEED-certified or meets a higher standard under the latest published standards,
THEN:  The building may exceed the maximum building coverage and/or the maximum impervious coverage by 10% for the lot area.
Learn more about the LEED-Certified Building Incentive