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Borough Council Designates April 2019, "PA 811 Safe Digging Month"

RESOLUTION NO.   2019 - 03

Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging Month
Borough of Myerstown, designating the month of April 2019 as
“Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging Month”


WHEREAS, as engineers, designers, excavators and homeowners work to keep pace with this Commonwealth’s unprecedented economic development, it is important to minimize damage to underground utility lines, danger to workers, environmental pollution and loss of utility service to Pennsylvania citizens; and

, the Pennsylvania One Call System, a utility service information center celebrating its 47th year of continuous service to the Commonwealth, is key to preventing injuries and damage when excavating; and

WHEREAS, this unique service provides easy, one-call notification about construction and excavation projects which may endanger workers and jeopardize utility lines while promoting workplace and public safety, reducing underground utility damage, minimizing utility service interruptions and protecting the environment; and

WHEREAS, this vital service, which began with only six utility companies in western Pennsylvania and the City of Pittsburgh, now serves more than 100,000 excavators and 3,600 critical infrastructure owners throughout this Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, each year, the Pennsylvania One Call System receives more than 750,000 notifications requests and transmits more than six million notifications, providing to utility companies, their employees and customers;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Borough of Myerstown designate the month of April 2019 as “Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging Month” to encourage all excavators and homeowners of the Borough of Myerstown to Dial 8-1-1 or 1-800-242-1776 at least three business days before digging in order to “Know What’s Below”, avoid injury, protect the environment, and prevent millions of dollars in damages and to remind excavators that three business days’ notice is the law, for safe digging is no accident, and that more information may be obtained by visiting

Adopted this 12TH day of February 2019.