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Myerstown Collaborates with Pennsylvania Bucktails Reunion

The Bucktails Are Coming To Myerstown!

The Annual Bucktails Reunion will happen on the 2nd thru the 4th of August, 2019 in Myerstown, PA!

The occasion will mark the 26th Anniversary of the Reunion in the modern era. It also keeps the momentum going for the Borough of Myerstown, which celebrated its 250th (Sestercentennial) Anniversary throughout 2018.

The Bucktails were a regiment of Pennsylvania sharpshooters who served in President Lincoln’s army during the Civil War. They were led by Colonel Ron Stone.

Bucktails Pub Photo

Pictured here are Myerstown Borough Council President Bryan Rittle, Bucktail Historian Matt Herring, Myerstown Mayor Gloria Ebling and Myerstown Borough Manager Michael McKenna.

Herring is holding an 1863 Musket, and a ceremonial Wooden Axe which is awarded to honorees who are recognized for their support of the Bucktails.