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Taxation & Finance

Tax Levy

School Taxes
The budget and tax rates for the Eastern Lebanon County School District are set by the independently elected School Board and not the Borough.  The Borough has no say in these issues.

County Taxes
The budget and tax rates for Lebanon County are set by the independently elected County Commissioners and not the Borough.  The Borough has no say in these issues.

Exempt Properties
Many types of properties in the Borough are exempt under State Law from paying real estate taxes.  These exempted properties include schools, colleges, churches, charities, and other government agencies.  While these property owners add to the vitality of our community, they do not necessarily contribute money to support government services.  However, some of these agencies make a voluntary contribution in support of the Borough's services regardless of their tax exempt status.  We encourage all tax exempt property owners to donate to Borough services every year.


In each County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a board is established to supervise, equalize, and revise assessments, and to hear appeals.  The board appoints assessors and other personnel to make assessments and value property for taxation purposes.

Assessors consider three assessment methods to arrive at the value of a property: cost, comparable sales, and income.  Land and improvements must be valued separately.  Once a property is valued, the county applies its predetermined ratio to the property value to calculate the assessment.  The predetermined ratio, which may be set up to 100 percent, is the ratio of assessed to actual market value set by the board of county commissioners.

All properties within the taxing district must be uniformly assessed at a similar ratio.  

The Tax Collector for the Borough of Myerstown is

Lebanon County Treasurer's Office
Room 103, Municipal Building
400 South 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042-6794
Telephone: (717) 228-4420
Fax Number: (717) 228-4462
Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Lebanon County Treasurer's Office collects Real Estate and Street Light taxes for the Borough. 

Fees / Permits

The "Fees Resolution" adopted by the Borough of Myerstown is published below.

The Resolution outlines the Permits which are needed as well as the cost for each. If you are not sure a Permit is needed in the Borough, before you begin the work, feel free to call the Borough Office at 866-5038. It is better to have the Permit than to have the work stop until one is obtained.

Building Permits for the Borough are issued by the Lebanon County Planning Department at 717-228-4444

Please be advised, applicants may select either Commonwealth Code or Associated Building Inspections, Inc. as the building code official.

Enforcement of Permits is addressed by the Borough Manager, the Public Works Director and the Code Enforcement Officers.

Fees Resolution


Mailing fee: Actual Postage plus handling fee $2.50
Photocopies: $ .25/page
Return Check Charge $40.00
Late Fee on invoices 10% /month
Sewer Billing Certification Fee $10.00
Planning Module Review  $300.00
Marriage Certificate/Ceremony  Contact the Mayor
Technical Service
Manager’s Time - Special Work 
*Plus Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Administrative Research
*Plus cost of copying, postage& handling
Towing Fee per Vehicle Code Section 3352 $125.00 per
Vehicle Storage Fee per Vehicle Code Section 7306 $20.00/day


Record Type Fee
Copies: (A "photocopy" is either a single-sided copy or one side of a double-sided black -and-white copy of a standard 8.5" x 11" page) $ .25 cents per page
Certification of a Record (Please note that certification fees do not include notarization fees). $5.00 per record, 
not per page
Specialized Documents: For example, but not limited to, blueprints, color copies, non-standard sized documents Actual Cost
Other Media:
Actual Cost
Redaction Fee None.
to Paper
If a record is only maintained electronically or in other non-paper media, duplication fees shall be limited to the lesser of the fee for duplication on paper or the fee for duplication in the original media unless the requester specifically requests for the record to be duplicated in the more expensive medium. (Sec.1307(e))
Postage Fees Fees for postage may not exceed the actual cost of mailing.

Please Also Be Advised:

  • Statutory Fees:   If a separate statute authorizes an agency to charge a set amount for a certain type of record, the agency may charge no more than that statutory amount. For example, a Recorder of Deeds may charge a copy fee of 50 cents per uncertified page and $1.50 per certified page under 42 P.S. § 21051. Police departments have the authority to charge up to $15 per report for providing a copy of a vehicle accident report. 75 Pa.C.S. § 3751 (b)(2). Philadelphia police may charge up to $25 per copy. Id. at (b)(3). State police are authorized to charge "$5 for each copy of the Pennsylvania State Police full report of investigation." 75 Pa.C.S. § 1956(b).
  • Inspection of Redacted Records:   If a requester wishes to inspect rather than receive a copy of a record and the record contains both public and non-public information, the agency shall redact the non-public information. An agency may not charge the requester for the redaction. However, the Agency may charge for the copies it must make of the redacted material in order for the requester to view the public record. The fee structure outlined above will apply. If, after inspecting the records, the requester chooses to obtain the copies, no additional fee may be charged.
  • Enhanced Electronic Access:   If an agency offers enhanced electronic access to records in addition to making the records accessible for inspection and duplication by a requester, the agency may establish user fees specifically for the provision of the enhanced electronic access, but only to the extent that the enhanced electronic access is in addition to making the records accessible for inspection and duplication by a requester as required by this Act. The user fees for enhanced electronic access may be a flat rate, a subscription fee for a period of time, a per-transaction fee, a fee based on the cumulative time of system access or any other reasonable method and any combination thereof. The user fees for enhanced electronic access must be reasonable, must be pre-approved by the Office of Open Records and shall not be established with the intent or effect of excluding persons from access to records or duplicates thereof or of creating profit for the agency. Please submit any request to the Office of Open Records, 400 North Street, Harrisburg, PA. 17120.
  • Fee Limitations:   Except as otherwise provided by statue, the law states that no other fees may be imposed unless the agency necessarily incurs costs for complying with the request, and such fees must be reasonable. No fee may be imposed for an agency's review of a record to determine whether the record is a public record, legislative record or financial record subject to access in accordance with this Act. No fee may be charged for searching for or retrieval of documents. An agency may not charge staff time or salary for complying with a RTK request.
  • Prepayment:  Prior to granting a request for access in accordance with this Act, an agency may require a requester to prepay an estimate of the fees authorized under this section if the fees required to fulfill the request are expected to exceed $100.
Once the request is fulfilled and prepared for release, the Office of Open Records recommends that the agency obtain the cost of the records prior to releasing the records. This recommendation is designed to avoid situations in which the agency provides the records and the requester fails to submit payment.


Curb (new construction - if line and grade must be established by the Borough) first 100 feet Actual Cost
Inspection Fee $35.00


Commercial & Industrial (entire building)  $250.00
Commercial & Industrial (partial building) $125.00
Commercial & Industrial (interiors only )  $100.00
Residential (entire home) $100.00
Residential (partial home) $50.00
Residential (outbuildings and sheds) $35.00
Mobile Homes $100.00


Onto Borough Streets $50.00
Inspection Fee $35.00
State Highways consult PennDOT


Excavation Inspection $35.00


Certification of Delinquent Taxes and Other Charges $50.00
Filing Fee for setting escrow $125.00
Service Charge of the Expenditures from the fund and any interest generated by the fund 12%

Handicap Parking Space

Please contact the Borough Office to obtain approval.
Sign and Placement Fee $140.00


Large Dump Truck per hour $70.00/hr
Small Dump Truck per hour $50.00/hr
Bucket Truck $70.00/hr
Small Dump Truck w/plow per hour $60.00/hr
Pick up Truck per hour $50.00/hr
Backhoe/Loader per hour $60.00/hr
Air Compressor per hour $40.00/hr
Tractor/Mower per hour $50.00/hr
Hand Mower per hour $35.00/hr
Weed-Wacker per hour $25.00/hr
Chain Saw per hour $25.00/hr
Crack Sealing Machine $100.00/hr
Roller per hour $60.00/hr
Vibrating Tamper per hour $35.00/hr
Jumping Tamper per hour $40.00/hr
Snow Blower – Manual per hour $35.00/hr
Generator per hour $30.00/hr
3” pump per hour $40.00/hr
Saw – Cut-off per hour (plus blades) $30.00/hr
Saw – Walk Behind per hour (plus blades) $50.00/hr
Core drill (0 to 4") $40.00 per core
Core drill (5" and more) $25.00 per core
Roadway Restoration & Inspection 
or $100.00 for each 100’ length and for each fractional 100'
$100.00 per opening
Mowing Fee (property maintenance) $100 minimum per cut
Administrative Fee 12% of total charges/services


The Borough of Myerstown on behalf of itself, the Myerstown-ELCO Wastewater Treatment System, and the Myerstown Water Authority will receive impact fees from developers. The fees will be managed in the following manner.

1. The fee amount will be determined by possible impact upon the organization.
2. The monies will be co-mingled in an interest bearing checking account with secondary insured investments made to maximize any current unused portion of the impact escrow until the funds are needed to cover invoices in hand.
3. The accountability for the funds will be the responsibility of the Myerstown administrative staff and ten per cent of the expenditures and ten per cent of interest earned throughout the project time period will be charged to the account and paid to the general fund of the Borough of Myerstown as an administrative fee.
4. Mandated files:

  1. Letters from each organization involved outlining impact fee.
  2. Bank statements with deposit slip and cancelled checks attached.
  3. Copies of invoice marked with check numbers and date paid.
  4. Calculation of administrative fee.
5. Areas in which impact files are to be calculated:

Borough Borough Sewer Water Authority
Legal Legal Legal
Engineering Engineering Engineering
Advertising Advertising Advertising
Roadways Resident Inspection Resident Inspection
Street Lighting    
Storm water 
retention facility
Construction and maintenance (in case contractors default)    


The following fee schedule shall be applicable to be charged against the Owner or Owners of the premises and/or Tenant or Tenants of the premises who are found to be in violation of the provisions of the Myerstown Borough International Property Maintenance Code by the Myerstown Borough Code Enforcement Officer or representative:

Initial Inspection and IF Violation Notice is sent -- If Borough Inspector/Staff $0.00
Follow-up inspection if compliance is gained $0.00
Follow-up Inspection if compliance is NOT gained $75.00
Contracted Third-Party Inspector Actual Fee plus 10%
Legal Expense of Borough and Court Costs if noncompliance requires involvement by the Borough Solicitor $165.00/hr, plus costs
All administrative expenses (e.g. mileage charges incurred by the Borough of Myerstown, secretarial expenses, postage and printing expenses, administrative expenses and inspection materials and service, including but not limited to test kits and barrier tape) Actual Costs

Payment of all the above fees shall be due to the Borough within thirty (30) days of the date of the delivery of the invoice to the responsible party or parties, and if not paid within the thirty (30) days, the party or parties shall pay to the Borough interest from the due date to the date paid at the legal rate allowable under the law. The party or parties who are subject to the violation notice could be subject to additional charges for fines, penalties, attorneys fees and other costs if legal action is required before the District Judge or the Court of Common Pleas of Lebanon County to correct the violation.

Current IRS rate.

Pavilion Rentals to Residents

Upper Pavilion $60/use
Lower Pavilion - West - NO electric $85/use
Lower Pavillion - West - WITH electric ($10 electric box key deposit) $115/use + 
Lower Pavilion -  East $85/use

Pavilion Rentals to Non-residents

Upper Pavilion $95/use
Lower Pavilion - West - NO electric  $115/use
Lower Pavillion - West - WITH electric ($10 electric box key deposit) $145/use
Lower Pavilion -  East $115/use


Poles & Guy Wires $15.00/pole
Dumpster (30 day permit) $30.00
Dumpster Permit Renewal (30 day) $20.00
Pod Storage Containers (30 day)  $50.00
Pod Storage Renewal (1 time only - 30 day) $70.00
Street Opening/excavation $50.00/opening
Roadway Restoration Inspection $35.00
Sidewalk per 40' $30.00
Sidewalk Closure Permit $30.00
Curb and Sidewalk Replacement (incl. inspection) $75.00
Car Restoration (on property only, per 90 days) $50.00


Parking Violations (Ordinance #747) 
    Title 75, Section 3353(e)
Snow Emergency Violations $50.00
Service charge for Sheriff, Constable, or Police service to deliver after unsuccessful delivery to the US Post Office plus $50.00


Sanitary Sewer Specifications $30.00
Mini-Comprehensive Plan $25.00
Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance $25.00
Zoning Ordinance $25.00
Zoning Map $15.00
Future Land Use & Development Plan $5.00


Swimming pools will be credited by calculation of water meter consumption. Water meters can be picked up at the Borough Office for a fee of $30.00. In order for this to be beneficial, pool fill should be 6,000 gallons or more.

Sewer Router and accessories per hour $75.00
6" Pump Set-up Charge $150.00
6" Pump $75.00
Pickup Truck & Plow per hour w/operator $75.00
Tap-in's to Sewer (New Connection) $2,060.00
Tap-in's to Sewer (addition to existing) $1,000.00
Connection to Sewer $25.00
Sewer Use Charges/quarter 
0-5,000 gallons minimum
Sewer Use Charges/quarter
each 1,000 gallons over minimum
$ 8.75
Debt Service Fee/quarter 
per 1 dwelling unit as per 01/01/09


Sign Actual Cost of Sign
Sign Plus (Administrative fee) 12% of total charges/services
Traffic Control Signs per day per set $50.00/day
Temporary "No Parking" signs (each) $5.00/sign


One Day $20.00
One Week $35.00
One Month $45.00
One Year $100.00
For Each Additional Person $10.00


If the cost of reviewing the subdivision exceeds the amount of the fee which the subdivider paid to the Borough, the subdivider shall, prior to the Borough approval of the Final Plan, pay the Borough the amount in excess of the fee which was expended in reviewing the subdivision. No development of subdivision plan shall be approved unless all fees have been paid in full.

Subdivision Fee (Plus Administrative Costs) $100/plan
Excavator's Inspection $50
For Minor Subdivisions & Administrative Fee $1000
Major Subdivisions Escrow Deposit


Zoning is administered for the Borough by the Lebanon County Planning Department.

County Fee:

Any person(s) making application for a Building and Zoning Permit shall pay a fee graduated upon the costs of construction as follows: $35.00 for up to the first one thousand dollars, plus $3.00 for each additional thousand or fraction thereof; and
2. Any person(s) making application to the Zoning Hearing Board shall pay $400.00 for each petition or appeal; and any applicable municipal fees; and
3. Any person(s) making application to the elected officials for an amendment to the zoning ordinance, official map or conditional use shall pay a fee of $400.00 to the Lebanon County Planning Department for each petition and shall pay all applicable costs of the Borough, including but not limited to: Borough attorneys, fees, the costs of advertising, and the costs to change the Official Map of the Borough, if the change is approved. The Borough will estimate the costs at the time of application, and the application fee and estimated costs shall be paid to the Borough prior to the Borough initiating the process. In the event that the costs are less than the estimate, the excess money shall be returned to the applicant.

Borough Fee:
Per Meeting ....................................... $450.00