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Streets & Sidewalks

Myerstown Borough classifies its streets in five different categories, and sets its design goals for streets based upon such classification.

Function primarily for the movement of higher speed traffic between points of heavy traffic generation. They are often known as arterial streets or highways. They shall be planned for continuation of existing streets in the system at the same or greater width in accordance with adopted municipal standards. Major streets shall contain as few intersections as possible.

Function to collect traffic from local streets and distribute it into major streets, and, as such, they will normally contain a relatively large number of intersections with local streets and few with major streets. Collector streets shall be planned for continuity and to lead more or less directly to one or more focal points or centers of traffic generation, and may become bus routes.

Provide direct access to each lot and function to allow traffic to circulate toward the principal directions of travel, bus routes, schools and playgrounds; however, the design shall discourage through and high speed traffic. The street pattern shall be indirect and yet continuous to hinder through traffic, formed of straight, moderately winding, curved, looped or angular streets. Tee-intersections shall predominate and cross-intersections shall be minimized. There shall be an underlying systematic neighborhood pattern; however, gridiron and other rigid geometrical patterns should be avoided where possible. The street pattern shall include extensions to the boundaries of the development to provide circulation between adjoining neighborhoods.

Cul-de-sac streets provide direct access to properties from other streets.  Ordinarily, a cul-de-sac is a short street with only one outlet and having an appropriate terminal for safe and convenient reversal of traffic movement.

Alleys provide secondary means of access to properties.  Alleys are useful in dense residential areas to provide access to the rear of the properties or in commercial and industrial areas to provide access to parking or loading areas.

Street Excavations

Street Openings and Closings

Sidewalk Construction and Repair
Sidewalks in the Borough are owned and maintained by the property owner.  However, they are considered public rights of way.