Myerstown Code of Ordinances

Myerstown Borough Code of Ordinances
All municipalities in Pennsylvania operate through local laws, called ordinances, which are adopted by the governing body and enforced to provide for the public health, safety, and welfare of its residents.  Examples of ordinances include the removal of public nuisances; rules (called codes) for an improved quality of life (weed control, removal of non-registered vehicles, animal control, and noise abatement are examples); and aesthetic improvements such as land development and zoning ordinances.

Myerstown Borough's current Code of Ordinances was prepared by Keystate Publishers, Inc., and adopted by Borough Council on December 10, 2013, by Ord. 818.

The Code contains four parts which are:
  1. The valid current ordinances of the Borough of Myerstown contained in Chapters 1 through 27.
  2. The Appendix, which lists by abstracted title all ordinances of a temporary or “one time” nature.
  3. The Table to the disposition of each ordinance ever enacted by the Borough of Myerstown.
  4. The Index, which is an alphabetical arrangement of subjects.
The Appendix consists of several general categories containing a chronological listing of short subject descriptions along with a reference to the original ordinance and its date of enactment, if known.

The Table to the disposition indicates what action has been taken by the Borough of Myerstown Borough Council with regard to every ordinance ever enacted.  An ordinance has either been:
  1. Specifically repealed,
  2. Superseded by another ordinance,
  3. Is located in a Chapter of the Code book, or
  4. Is located in the Appendix. 
Annual tax rate and budget ordinances are located only in the Table.  The Table is a cross reference to the original ordinance books of the Borough of Myerstown, and to the location within the Code of each ordinance by number.

The Myerstown Borough Code of Ordinances are codified online by the American Legal Publishing Corporation