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Use of Public Recreation Areas

1) The Insurance Certificates must be in the Borough Office BEFORE the first game/practice begins or you will not be allowed to start your season until documentation is received. The Borough of Myerstown MUST be named as an additional insured to keep the field safe for play.

2) The Borough Office requires your schedule for practice and games so the Public Works Department can do the preparations needed. The schedule is required prior to the first practice.

3) It is the responsibility of the home team to make the home team, visiting team and the viewing public aware that bathrooms are provided, where they are located, that they must be used at all times. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED

4) It is the responsibility of the home team to police the entire area (not just the playing area) for any items that may be left behind, i.e. trash, clothing, lawn chairs, etc. This should be done after each game and practice. Also, after each game/practice, it is important that the bathrooms be checked for vandalism and/or running water and the bathrooms have been locked. Having the team responsible for the playing area gives them a sense of community and keeping their community clean for others to enjoy.

5) The Public Works Department requires each team that has a rainout, play off, or other rescheduled games, to give the Public Works Department 24 hours notice if they wish to have the field ready for a rain date game. Phone - 866-6948. If no answer, leave a message.