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Permitted Accessory Uses

Permitted Accessory Uses in All Districts
An accessory use of a dwelling is only permitted if such use is customarily incidental to the residential use and is specifically permitted by this Ordinance.  The following are permitted by right as accessory uses to a lawful principal use in all Districts, within all requirements of the Myerstown Zoning Ordinance. 

Standard antennae for television or radio are permitted in all districts with the following restrictions:
  • Total height may not exceed 75 feet from the ground
  • Antennae over 25 feet above a building must be approved by the Borough engineer
  • Must be properly anchored to resist high-speed winds
Fences and Walls
Fences and walls are permitted in all districts with the following restrictions:
  • Must be durably constructed and well-maintained
  • Must not obstruct sight distance requirements (see zoning ordinance)
  • Front yard fences cannot exceed 4 feet in height.
  • Front yard fences must be an open-type of fence (see zoning ordinance)
  • Front yard chain-link fences in Residential Districts should be vinyl coated
  • Front yard fences in non-residential Districts and within 15 feet of a right-of-way or dwelling cannot exceed 8 feet in height, unless approved by the Zoning Hearing Board.
  • Fences on corner lots in Residential Districts cannot exceed 4 feet in height along both streets.  
  • A fence in a Residential District in a location other than a front yard cannot exceed 6.5 feet in height.
  • A fence may exceed height restriction where the applicant proves to the Zoning Officer that a taller height is necessary to protect public safety.
  • Fences may not be built in an existing street right-of-way.  
  • Fences may not be constructed on a lot line without mutual consent of the adjacent property owner.
  • Fences may not be constructed over a lot line.
  • Fences 
Household Garage
Household Swimming Pool
Garage Sale
Keeping Pets
Off-Street Parking or Loading
Recreational Facilities
Residential accessory Structure
Signs (see sign ordinance)

Accessory Setbacks
The accessory setback requirements of the applicable District shall apply to every accessory building, structure, or use unless a standard that is clearly meant to be more restrictive or less restrictive is specifically stated in the Myerstown Zoning Ordinance for a particular accessory use.  Accessory structure setback requirements shall not apply to permitted surface parking lots, fences, or permitted accessory signs.

Front Yard Restriction
No accessory building, structure, or use shall be permitted in a front yard unless specifically permitted by the Myerstown Zoning Ordinance.