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Building Code Permit

Statewide Building Code
In November of 1999, Act 45 was signed into law creating the first comprehensive statewide building code for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  This legislation is referred to as the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and establishes minimum construction standards for virtually all residential and commercial construction activity within Pennsylvania.

Myerstown Borough adopted and incorporated by reference the Pennsylvania UCC in July of 2004.  

Building Code Permit
For all major building and property renovations, you will need a building code permit to ensure your building will be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  The UCC is administered and enforced by he Borough's appointed Building Code Official, Light-Heigel and Associates, Inc.  All code permit applications are received by them.  See the chart below for a quick reference guide to projects that require a Building Code Permit. 

Building Code Permit Application

Please keep in mind that doing work regulated by the UCC without a permit will result in an enforcement action being taken against you by the municipality, and upon conviction, you may be subject to fines and penalties up to and including $1,000 per day of each.

Do I Need A Building Code Permit?
The following is a quick reference guide for common Residential construction projects.
YES - A permit is required  NO - A permit is not required 
 - Install or expand cooling system  - Repair or replace cooling system  
 - Install or expand heating system   - Repair or replace heating system 
 - Convert to different fuel type (e.g. oil to gas)   
 - Install or expand solar system   
 - Install new fireplace or wood-burning stove   

YES - A permit is required    NO - A permit is not required 
- Add new fixtures  - Repair or replace existing fixtures 

YES - A permit is required  NO - A permit is not required 
- Add new service  - Repair or replace outlet 
- Upgrade service  - Convert outlet to GFI 
- Add new circuitry   
- Install generator   

YES - A permit is required  NO - A permit is not required 
 - New construction or complete gut  - Repair drywall 
 - Increase number of dwelling units   - Install or replace carpet or flooring 
 - Convert non-habitable space into
 habitable space (finish basement/attic) 
 - Paint or wallpaper  
 - Close off door or window  - Install or replace siding 
 - Add door or window  - Install or replace gutters or downspouts 
 - Change size of door or window   - Replace kitchen cabinetry 
 - Add or remove ANY wall   - Replace door or window (no size change) 
 - Add or repair egress stairways   

YES - A permit is required   NO - A permit is not required 
 - Conversion to living space   - Repair existing chimney 
 - Install egress opening   
 - Repair foundation cracks or openings   

YES - A permit is required  NO - A permit is not required 
 - Replace roof (if removing plywood)  - Replace roof (shingles only)
 - Remove or replace porch, deck, or patio  - Repair existing porch, deck, or patio 
 with no change in size
 - Enlarge existing porch, deck or patio area   - Replace or resurface existing driveway
 with no change in size  
 - Enclose existing porch, deck or patio area   
 - Add roof over existing deck or patio area   
 - Construct any size shed, garage, or carport   
 - Construct or expand driveway area   
 - Construct fence or retaining wall   
 - Add any swimming pool capable of holding
 18" or more water depth 
 - Add or expand any impervious areas