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Permitted Primary Uses


Only the following uses are allowed
in each respective Zoning District, except as may be allowed by Section 27-303j


Only the following uses are allowed in each respective zoning district, except as may be allowed by section 27-303.

Residential Uses Allowed in Primarily Non-Residential Districts
Single Family Detached Dwelling  P
Single Family Semi-Detached Dwelling (side-by-side) 
Townhouse (SF Attached Dwelling)
 Multi-Family (Apartment) Dwellings   P* 
Boarding House  SE 
Manufactured/Mobile Home Park  SE 
Group Home 
Live Work Unit 

Commercial Uses Allowed in Primarily Non-Residential Districts

Adult Use N N      
After Hours Club      
Amusement Arcade      
Amusement Park or Water Park SE      
Animal Cemetery      
Animal Day Care      
Arena, Auditorium, Performing Arts Center
or Exhibition-Trade Show Center
Auto Body Shop or Auto Repair Garage N P      
Auto, Boat or Mobile Home Sales N P      
Auto Service Station N P      
Bakery P P      
Bed and Breakfast Inn P P      
Beverage Distributor N P      
Bus Maintenance or Storage Yard N P      
Bus, Taki or Passenger Rail Terminal N P      
BYOB Club N SE      
Car Wash N P      
Catering P P      
Communications Antennae P P      
Communications Tower N SE      
Conference Center or Exposition Center N P      
Construction Company or Tradesperson's HQ N P      
Convenience Store N P      
Crafts or Artisan's Studio P P      
Custom Printing, Copying, Faxing, Mailing or Courier Service P P      
Exercise Club P P      
Financial Institution P P      
Flea Market/Auction House N P      
Food Truck N P      
Funeral Home P P      
Gaming Facility N N      
Gas Station          
Heliport N N      
Hotel or Motel N P      
Kennel N SE      
Laundromat P P      
Laundry N P      
Lumber Yard N N      
Medical Marijuana Dispensary N SE      
Micro-brewery or Micro-distillery SE P      
Motor Vehicle Racetrack N N      
Nightclub N SE      
Office P P      
Pawn Shop N P      
Personal Services P P      
Plant Nursery P P      
Propane Retail Distributor N N      
Recording Studio, Music P P      
Recreation, Commercial Indoor N P      
Recreation, Commercial Outdoor N P      
Repair Service, Household Appliance P P      
Restaurant - with drive-through service N P      
Restaurant - without drive-through service P P      
Retail Store P P      
Self-Storage Development N P      
Shopping Center N P      
Sidewalk Cafe or Food Cart as an accessory use P P      
Target Range, Firearms - Completely indoor N P      
Target Range, Firearms - Other than above N N      
Tattoo Parlor N P      
Tavern, other than a Nightclub N SE      
Television or Radio Broadcasting Studios P P      
Theater, Indoor Movie or Live Theater
(other than Adult Establishment)
N P      
Trade/Hobby School P P      
Truck Stop N N      
Veterinarian Office P P      
Visitor Center P P      
Wholesale Sales