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Licenses and Permits

Myerstown does not have a single, uniform license that is required to operate a business.  However, certain licenses or permits must be obtained based on the location of the business, land and building use, construction and land development, and the type of goods and services offered.  

Construction Permit
For all major building and property renovations, you will need a construction code permit (building permit) to ensure your building will be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC).   Learn more about building permits here.

Zoning Permit
Before you start your business activities or occupy a building in Myerstown, you must have a certificate of zoning compliance (zoning permit) from the Borough’s zoning administration officer stating that the proposed use of the building or land conforms to the zoning ordinance.  Learn more about zoning permits here.

Occupancy Permit

Prior to occupancy of a new or expanded building, a Certificate of Occupancy (occupancy permit) may be required under the Uniform Construction Codes (UCC).  Learn more about occupancy permits here.

Other Permits
Dumpster Permit (on street)     $15  
Street Closing Permit  $15 per closing 
Poles and Guy Wires $5 per pole 
Street Opening/Excavation $30 per excavation 
Roadway Restoration Inspection    $25 
Car Restoration Permit $50 
Sidewalk Permit (for repair/replace)  $25 per 40'